Alkaline Water Benefits

Heard of alkaline ionized water but wondering what it can do for you? The alkaline water benefits you’re about to discover are very impressive and are just within your reach.

For starters, alkaline water or water that has a high pH level that is very good for your health. Research has shown that drinking plenty of alkaline water will hydrate your body better than bottled water and tap water. When consuming this water your pH level actually rises and promotes health.

Your body will also begin to cleanse itself. Starting with your kidneys and then moving it’s way through your blood stream, then out of your colon. Your body will be thanking you for this slight difference in your diet.

Further research has shown that by raising and balancing the pH level of your urine by just one pH can prevent or get rid of metabolic syndrome all together. Meaning obesity, high cholesterol, high blood sugar, high blood pressure, and kidney stones will reduce or disappear entirely.

You will even begin to lose weight due to the fact that you will be hydrating your body at a cellular level. Water from tap or bottle resources is typically clustered in groups of 11 to 16 water molecules. However, alkaline ionized water molecules are reduced to clusters of 5 to 8 molecules. This means that your body will be aided in it’s fight to prevent chronic dehydration.

In fact, a recent study has shown that on average, people who started consuming alkaline water experienced weight loss in the range of 12 pounds in 2 months. What was most impressive was that the only change made in their diet was the switch from bottled or tap water to alkaline water.

Alkaline water also acts as an anti-aging agent. The antioxidant strength of alkaline water is 3x’s more powerful than that of vitamin c. This alone helps fight and prevent reactive tissue species that cause DNA damage to your tissue. If you think that’s powerful, imagine what happens when you combine alkaline water with vitamin c! They actually work so well together that they effectively neutralize harmful free radicals to promote better health.

The benefits get better and better. Drinking this water has also been shown to reduce blood pressure while helping people whom have mineral deficiencies. This is because the alkaline water provides extra oxygenation indirectly to the blood stream. So because our bodies are in an alkaline state, the blood cells then flow to every part of your body, thus reducing blood pressure due to this ‘alkaline river’ effect.

So while our bloodstream would normally pick up the acidic wastes our body leaves behind to filter through our kidneys, liver, colon, or skin to eliminate, the alkaline water helps cleanse our body more effectively – thus disposing this acidic waste which is best for proper blood health.

And since our liver is one of the main ways we filter, we certainly want to take good care of it. Alkaline water has been shown to reduce the oxidative stress in the body and has even been shown to increase levels of a beneficial antioxidant that protects the liver.

Research has also shown that there is a clear relation between bone health and alkaline water. To simplify this explanation, your body will essentially steal calcium from your bones when your body’s pH balance becomes acidic. You can see how having an acidic based body could hurt your bone health, or how alkaline water can improve your bone health.

Ever wonder what happens to the food you digest? Well, when you digest your food, your body produces natural acid to digest the food you consume. However, the acid waste can lead to colitis, loose bowels, and even constipation. Lucky for you, research suggests that adding alkaline water to your diet can reduce these symptoms and in some cases may prevent them. This is vitally important for your digestive and overall health.

If you’re an athlete, you will certainly see the benefits of alkaline water. In fact, the Seattle Seahawks recently added alkaline water to their regimen and look what happened – they won a Superbowl! In all seriousness, you will feel more hydrated, have increased endurance, more energy, and faster recovery times.