8 Benefits of Drinking Water In The Morning

8 Benefits of Drinking Water In The Morning

Looking to start your day off the right way? Then start it with a glass of water! There are many benefits of drinking water in the morning, many of which have scientific proof. Drinking water in the morning will help you feel good and lead to better health.  Here are 8 benefits of drinking water in the morning!

Benefits of Drinking Water In The Morning

1. The Importance Of Hydration

When your body does not obtain enough water, you will become dehydrated.  There is much more to dehydration than thirst.  While some of the symptoms of dehydration include headaches, dizziness, fatigue, and urination problems, severe dehydration can affect your heart rate, blood pressure, and may lead to a seizure or shock.

Frequent or ongoing incidents of dehydration can increase your risk of other serious medical problems.  Your risk of bladder cancer, kidney stones, and colorectal cancer are higher if you experience chronic dehydration.

You should not wait until you are thirsty to drink water.  As your body naturally loses hydration while you sleep, one of the most important benefits of drinking water in the morning is lowering your risk of minor, serious, and potentially life-threatening health problems.

2. Water For Digestive Health

There can be many causes of digestive health issues.  From an improper diet to stress, you may be experiencing symptoms such as frequent constipation or diarrhea, gas, bloating, or cramps.  If you do not have a medical condition causing these problems, restoring your digestive system to health can be as easy as drinking fresh water each morning.

Water will help your digestive system work effectively.  The foods you eat will be digested, and waste will be eliminated.  Water will reduce bloating, gas, and cramps.  You will feel healthier because you will be healthier.  You may not need to resort to laxatives and antacids when water is your morning beverage.

3. Water For A Healthy Brain

Brain health depends on water.  If you do not drink enough, you can experience both physical and psychological complications.

An adequate supply of water every morning can reduce your risk of mood fluctuations, fatigue, and the feeling of being tired and drained.

4. Flush Toxins From Your Body

ice-cold-glass-of-waterEven the healthiest person has toxins in his or her body.  Toxins can come from a variety of sources.  When toxins are allowed to remain in the body, it increases the risk of illness.

Flushing out these toxins does not require fad diets or over the counter products.  Removing toxins is as easy as starting the day with water.  You will have a lower risk of illnesses, from the common cold to the flu.


5. Your Diet Can Be More Effective

In addition to aiding healthy digestion and freeing the body from toxins, there is another benefit to water for colon health.  A healthy colon will absorb nutrients from the foods you eat faster and more effectively.

When nutrients are absorbed, your entire body will benefit.  A healthy colon can mean the difference between your diet working for you and contributing little to your general health.  Water will keep your colon healthy so your diet is useful.

6. Water For Weight Loss

There are a number of ways fresh water every morning can help you lose weight.  First, water will curb your appetite.  You can be completely satisfied with each meal, and less prone to hunger between your meals.

Second, that first glass of fresh water will increase your metabolism.  When your metabolism is boosted, you will burn more calories.  While this is especially useful if you work out during the day, it is helpful even if you only engage in moderate exercise.

You cannot have these benefits without water.  You will be hungrier, more likely to want snacks, and find it more difficult to burn calories.  An effective weight loss plan must include water.

7. Every Part Of The Body Can Benefit

A reduced risk of infection, healthier skin, healthier production of blood cells and muscle are some of the extra benefits provided by morning glasses of water.

8. A Fresh Start To The Day

Many people do not feel their best when they awaken in the morning.  The first beverage you have can prepare you for breakfast and for the day ahead.

When that beverage is water, it is the perfect choice.  You can feel refreshed and rejuvenated without consuming beverages containing caffeine or sugar.  That first cool glass will help  you wake up, and you will be ready for the new day.

Water is important throughout the day.  It can take the edge off your hunger, replace essential fluids lost from physical activity, and be a refreshing treat at any time.  However, you should not wait until afternoon or evening to drink the first glass.

Before you eat breakfast or reach for a cup of coffee, consider all of these benefits of drinking water in the morning.  When you develop this new habit, it is something you will do for the rest of your life.  Never start a day without a refreshing glass of water.



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