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Dip your hands into the water machines and accessories that are hot in town before going deep. KangenWaterHQ – Product Reviews will show you everything you need to know about the must-have products and equipment that can help you get the most and the best quality water.

Not just any type of drinking water

We already know that drinking water is essential for us to survive. But drinking water must not be just any kind or type of water.

It has to be clean, fit for consumption and of very good quality.

This is because if your water is contaminated with viruses, bacteria and other pathogens, you might get sick and infected and worse, might even lead to untimely death. In this case then, you should avoid drinking contaminated water.

KangenWaterHQ – Product Reviews - Contaminated Water

There are many waterborne viruses that have a negative impact on human health once ingested through drinking. Some of these waterborne viruses are:

  • Poliovirus
  • – cause the crippling and highly-infectious polio disease
  • Enterovirus
  • – cause colds, cough, body rashes, mouth blisters and body ache
  • Hepatitis A and E
  • – cause liver disease that can range from mild to severe
  • Rotavirus
  • – cause severe diarrhea and vomiting commonly in infants and young children.
  • Adenovirus
  • – infect lining of eyes, lungs, intestines, airways, urinary tract and the nervous system and can cause pink eye, fever, cough, sore throat and diarrhea
  • Astrovirus
  • – cause fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and abdominal pain and mostly infect children.
  • Coxsackievirus
  • – cause hand, foot, and mouth disease and usually occurs in children
  • Norovirus
  • – also called the “winter vomiting bug” and can cause severe diarrhea and vomiting

How to access clean drinking water

We have been saying it over and over again that drinking water must be clean. It is not easy to say this though for other countries. Unless you live in Switzerland or New Zealand that boasts of clean and good quality water, you must exert extra effort to get access to clean drinking water.

Tap water is the common water source of households but not all tap water is potable. Or, you might be from developing countries that do not have an established water system to supply clean drinking water to their people. How then can we get access to clean drinking water?

Different water machines and equipment

Kangen Water HQ – Product Reviews - Water Machine
The problem of access to clean drinking water is responded to with the development and creation of water machines and equipment with the aim of improving the quality of available water to become potable and safe for drinking.

These are some of the different water machines and equipment you might need to improve the quality of your water and your overall experience in drinking water:

  • Hot and cold water dispenser
  • – these could be point-of-use water dispensers or bottled water dispensers and comes with a refrigeration unit to cool or heat up water
  • Water purifier
  • – machine removes contaminants, suspended solids, gases and other undesirable substances under a process called purification
  • Water filter / filtration system
  • – this also removes impurities from the water with the use of a physical or porous substance such as activated carbon although it removes less than what a water purifier can.
  • Water ionizer
  • – produce alkaline water through a process called electrolysis to separate water into acidic and alkaline; most popular alkaline water is the Kangen Water produced by a Kangen Water Machine.

Know more before buying

These different water machines and equipment also come from various brands and companies. These brands may offer features that are unique from the other but still share the same goal of improving the quality of your drinking water.

Look into these KangenWaterHQ – Product Reviews to guide you on the different water machines and equipment that are out in the market and the brands that carry them. Check out our top reviews:

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