Alkaline Water and Cancer: Here Are The Facts

Alkaline Water and Cancer: Here Are The Facts

Can alkaline water cure cancer? Disclaimer: This article is for information purposes only. Before we get into the details we want to express that we are not licensed M.D.’s and that our advice should not be taken as professional. While every care has been taken to scrutinize the information we’ve collected to ensure that it is genuine, readers should still exercise their due diligence and verify it’s authenticity. It is always best to consult your doctor before making any changes in medical treatment or beginning or a new medical regimen.

Facts About Alkaline Water and Cancer

All fluids and tissues of the human body are slightly alkaline apart from the stomach, which contains acid… necessary to digest food. The pH (`potential’ of `hydrogen’) level of the blood of a healthy human being is 7.365 and it is essential for us to maintain this balance. The alkaline water provided by ionizer filters is as excellent antioxidant since its potential to reduce oxidation (ORP value) is extremely negative. Apart from this, the cluster sizes of water molecules in alkalized water are smaller in comparison to those in normal water. All of these factors restrain cancer from spreading and help in exterminating cancer cells too. This does not imply that one should solely depend on alkaline water for treating cancer.

There are three types of tumors, also known as a neoplasm or an abnormal mass of solid or fluid filled tissue.

Benign – Localized, non cancerous, and does not spread to other parts of the body.

Premalignant – Tumor is not yet malignant; however, it can become so if not treated properly.

Malignant – Cancerous, spreads rapidly, becomes progressively worse, and can even result in death.

Ancient Findings On The Effects of Alkaline Water on Cancerous Cells

alkaline-antioxidant-waterThose who are knowledgeable about medical history are familiar about experiments regarding alkaline therapy (also known as pH therapy), used during the 1930’s to allegedly treat and cure any type of cancer. This experiment was based on the fact that that the metabolism of cancer cells has a very narrow tolerance for mitosis (cellular proliferation) that is between 6.5 & 7.5 deduces that one can theoretically stop the progression of cancer if they can interfere with the metabolism of cancer cells by increasing or decreasing the alkalinity of the internal cancer cells. Since amplifying the pH levels increases the acidity level of the body and puts stress on the normal cells, the sole option of treating cancer works by increasing the alkaline level of the body.

How Does Alkaline Water Help?

Apart from the negative ORP value (see below), ionized water defuses free radicals (reactive oxygen species or ROS). Unlike H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) alkaline water allows cancer cells access to oxygen molecules present in the body. The hydroxyl ions (OH negative) present in alkaline water performs this process. The biggest advantage of this procedure is that it eradicates damaging free radicals simultaneously. Apart from this, medical research shows that an alkaline environment prohibits cancer cells from flourishing.

Get Educated

On one hand, distilled water, commonly used in laboratories as well as to top up lead acid batteries, contains no contaminants; however, it has a flat taste since it does not contain minerals. Normal drinking water, on the other hand has a pleasant taste because of trace amounts of chemical compounds and heavy metals in it. It also contains harmful bacteria. While chemical compounds and traces of certain heavy metals such as zinc, copper, and iron are good for health, others like beryllium, cadmium, chromium, lead, and nickel are carcinogenic in nature.

Tall Claims

Chlorine, a disinfectant commonly used by water plants to sanitize water and kill bacteria present therein, leaves an odd taste and odor in the disinfected water. All water filters, based on the information provided by their manufacturers, allegedly provide the best possible drinking water as they remove dangerous contaminants including bacteria as well as traces of chlorine to deliver potable and tasty water. However, do these gadgets actually deliver what their manufacturers claim; does the users’ guide provide any information about the relationship between alkaline water and cancer?

Water Filters Declassified

water-ionizerAll of the domestic water filters available in the market sanitize water using one of the five methods mentioned below. Remember, the particle trapping capabilities of the devices depends on the pore size of the pots or candles (measured in microns) they contain. The smaller the pore size of the pots or candles, the higher their contaminant trapping capabilities.

Activated Carbon – They are good for removing large particles and odor caused by chlorine and other contaminants.

Reverse Osmosis – Same as the above, except that they also remove the contaminants.

Ultraviolet – Apart from trapping particles, the ultraviolet rays of such purifiers kill bacteria as well.

Infrared – Traps particles and uses heat and light to soften the water by inducing a negatively charge in it. This is ideal for homeowners living in areas that receive hard water.

Ionizer – It uses electrolysis process wherein water passes over electrically charged plates to separate it into two different streams… one rich in hydrogen ions (H+) or acidic water and the other containing an abundance of hydroxyl ions (OH-) or alkaline water. The purifier discharges the acidic water as waste through one port and deposits the alkaline water into the receptacle through the other port.

What It Is And What It’s Not

Alkaline water is not a cure for cancer, instead what it does is cleanse the colon and the body of toxic build up from the foods and drinks that we consume over the years. Since all cancers according to Dr. Otto Warburg – winner of 2 Nobel Prizes- states that disease cannot live in an alkaline environment, it’s logical to say that cancer would not be able to thrive while your body is more alkaline on the pH scale and not acidic.

Our bodies are strong enough to heal themselves, all that’s needed is a bit of help. For example: when you were a kid and you scraped your knee, your body would unconsciously heal itself without you thinking about it. It would naturally scab, heal, and then if properly taken care of with ointments a light scar may appear. Alkaline water and cancer cures is a touchy subject. The water itself is going to cleanse your body to get rid of the acidic waste. Acidic waste causes an environment that free radials love, which can then lead to cancer. We would certainly take Dr. Otto Warburgs advice on this one.

Final Thought

Why die prematurely due to cancer and deprive your family members of the love, care, and most importantly, financial support you provide them with? Don’t take risks with your health or with just any water filter when you are now aware of the anti-carcinogenic properties of alkaline water provided by filters using the electrolysis method. If you value your health, then consider investing in a top of the line water ionizer. If you decide to purchase a Kangen water machine from the Enagic company, you may be qualified to write off the device as a medical expense since it is considered a licensed medical device.




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