Aquaguard Water Purifier Review

Clean drinking water is a necessity for a happy and healthy life. It’s the fuel that powers good digestion, aids in absorption, body temperature maintenance and nutrients utilization. Because your body is over 75% water, what you put into it matters more to your well-being than anything else that goes into your body. A water purifier can ensure that you offer the cleanest, healthiest water to yourself and your family.

The Aquaguard water purifier is a popular choice for water filtration in today’s market. It boasts several key features that make it a staple in homes as well as a few frustrating qualities that are revealed by long time users of the machine. In this article, we’ll go over the pro’s and con’s of this particular make so you can make an educated buying decision on whether the Aquaguard is the right purifier for you.

Aquaguard Water Purifier Review

The Aquagaurd system is a purifier that has long been a favorite of moms and businesses for many years. Like other purifiers, the Aquaguard has many perks that make it a considerable candidate for your family or just for your household. Here are just a few of the pro’s that we’ve compiled to consider.

Removes Particles

Some particles are more minuscule than others. Nasties like dust, dirt fragments, hidden sand and mud can slip away fast but the Aquaguard catches these quick, leaving your water cleaner and clearer for a healthier glass of H20.

Removes Bad Tastes and Odors

If you have ever taken a sip of well water then you already know that smells and odors can change day to day. Or if you’ve ever had a drink from a garden hose or just from your basic facuet, you’ll know that there’s a bit of a bleach taste from all the chlorine put in by your government for “sanitation” purposes. This is especially true in the midst of weather changes when mud can seep into systems.

Removes Excess Organic Impurities

You can’t see organic impurities but their presence is pretty disturbing. From nitrate found in septic tanks to scary elements of arsenic, water companies claim these small  discrepancies are not harmful, but many environmentalists, doctors and scientists beg to differ. Proactively avoiding the drinking of any harmful substances in any amount inside your body can help keep you and your family healthier in the long term.

Reduces Pesticides

The things that wind up in your tap water can be rather disturbing. Pesticides are not something you want to breathe in and definitely not something you want to ingest. Poisons are not a small problem.

Eliminates Microorganisms

The truth of tap water is this… you can never know exactly what you are drinking. That means a wide range of bacteria, viruses, protozoa and other harmful components could be lurking beneath the surface.

Prevents Contamination

Sometimes water bans come when it’s already too late. If a dangerous substance enters the water reserve, you likely will not know until you have already consumed a glass or more. Preventing contamination can prevent sickness and possible problems while also  eliminating the anxiety of future water bans that came too little too late.

Disinfects Water Supply

Disinfecting your water can gives you a peace of mind about what you are putting into your body so you never have to worry about your drinking water.

While Aquaguard offers a bevy of great qualities, it also has its cons. Most of these negative attributes come from consumers or flaws in design, such as the following.

Here Are The Con’s

Limited Response Times and Poor Customer Service

While there are 1100 centers and over 5000 technicians, many consumers report a slack in service with slowed turn around times. According to Grehak Seva, a website similar to the BBB, many customers report that they have trouble getting anyone to return their calls or show up for promised repairs., a product review site, agrees.

Product Lifespan

Additionally, the Aquaguard seems to start having problems after continued use. lists a bevy of dissatisfied customers sounding off on malfunctions and repair. Sadly, it seems this can become costly and frustrating, especially when service is sparse. If you are not prepared to hash out future repair issues, you may want to reconsider the product for your home.

The Kangen Difference

The many benefits of Aquaguard seems to be trumped by the consistent complaints about poor service. If you are going to pay for a quality water filtration system, there seems no reason to invest when you cannot get service. That is money down the drain… no pun intended. There has to be a better way to be healthy and happy about your service.

Product Model Price Financing Plates Rating Warranty
Leveluk K8
Enagic-Leveluk-K8Click Here For Review
$4,980 Financing Available – 0 Down & $30 – $55/mo (credit score 600+) Call 559-396-9490 for details. 8 Platinum-dipped titanium plates 5stars 5 years + 30 day money back guarantee.
Dr. Aquaguard
$130-$345 Financing Available – Axis Bank, HDFC Bank, HSBC Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank and Standard Chartered Bank cards. None 3stars 12 months from date of Installation or 15 months from the date of sale, whichever is earlier.

The Kangen water machine is an investment that is more trustworthy for a long term commitment and service that will not let you down. Offering all the pros of the Aquaguard water purifier, the Kangen machine offers prompt, reliable service and the kind of technology you have come to expect from Japanese production. Boasting the prestigious WQA (Water Quality Association) Gold Seal of Approval – along with four prestigious certifications from the most celebrated non-profits around the world, the gold seal service and innovative technology of a Kangen provides consumers with reliably clean water and trustworthy service.


The Aquaguard system is a fantastic product at first but a little behind the times in both customer service and product dependability. For an investment you can trust, turn to Kangen, the celebrated water machine that will keep your family healthier and happier for a lifetime to come.

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