Best Turmeric Supplement: Kangen UKON By Enagic (Organically Grown!)

With more than 600 health benefits, turmeric is by far one of the most important herbs to have in your nutritional arsenal. Unfortunately, if you aren’t familiar with it, getting used to the taste can be a real challenge. Most people actually find that they’re unable to take sufficient amounts of turmeric through their regular diet alone.

Moreover, given that this is a fat soluble spice, taking supplements is not always guaranteed to provide an acceptable array of benefits given that most supplements do not have a sufficient amount of oils or fat for aiding in proper absorption. This is why Kangen UKON is the best turmeric supplement out there. Not only can you get an ample amount of this herb without having to add it to all of your foods, but you can count on the essential oils in this formula to aid with both digestion and absorption for amazing results.

Best Organic Turmeric Supplement: Kangen UKON Is Created Through An Innovative, Patented Process

There are countless reasons why Kangen UKON is being touted as the best turmeric supplement available. Spring ukon essentially means wild turmeric and thus, the primary and active ingredients in this product are naturally-derived and easy for the body to recognize and process. This supplement is additionally enriched with essential oils right at the Engaic UKON factory. Taking this supplement is one of the best ways to get proactive about improving your health and your overall well-being.

Take The Guesswork Out Of The Dosing Process

If you’ve been trying to add turmeric to your diet by using dried herbs that you have found in the spice aisle at your local grocery store, you probably aren’t getting the specific results you really want. This is not the best way to begin using turmeric to detox the liver, fight off bacterial and fungal infections, or clear the skin and deal with other health issues. Taking a good supplement, however, will give you a far better understanding of exactly how much turmeric you’re consuming and how much of this spice you actually need to consume in order to create the changes that you want to see. This is especially true if you’re taking the best turmeric supplement; a product that you know your body is digesting and absorbing according to your expectations.

Avoid Oxidation For A Fresh, Reliable Product

organic-turmericOne of the greatest benefits gained by using a product like Kangen UKON is the ability to get a supplement that is always fresh. Most turmeric supplements oxidize as soon as their packages are opened. This means that from the minute you open these formulas up, they start losing their nutritional value. There are countless bottles that are filled with hundreds of turmeric capsules that are being sold each year, despite the fact that oxidation leaches these products of the very benefits that consumers expect.

With Kangen UKON, however, your capsules are guaranteed to stay fresh so that you can get maximum results irrespective of when you choose to use them. This is because each capsule is individually enclosed rather than being lumped together in one giant bottle. You only need to open one up at a time and can always get optimum freshness. Given the high price that you’ll have to pay in order to get a quality supplement, it just makes sense to invest in one that is guaranteed to stay fresh until you use it.

Get A Vegan-Friendly Blend

Another advantage of investing in this brand is the fact that you’ll get a 100% plant-based product that is entirely vegan-friendly. You don’t have to worry or wonder about any secondary ingredients that this product contains. Grown in the nutrient-rich soils of Okinawa, this is the only product that currently includes Okinawan kangen or Okinawan wild turmeric. This gives it its own distinctive blend of essential nutrients and health benefits. The soil on this island has the perfect array of minerals and other nutrients for fostering the development of a powerful spice. Moreover, the climate in Okinawa is also believed to be perfectly-suited for the cultivation of wild turmeric.

The Production Process Includes The Use Of Kangen Water

Kangen UKON is not the only the only powerful, potent and truly beneficial health product that this brand is known for. Enagic also produces Kangen water. The autumn and spring harvest of UKON are cleaned by this special, highly acidic formula for enhanced purity and results. The entire cultivation process is streamlined with a close attention to detail. This formula contains flaxseed oil, tocotrienol, perilla oil and olive oil. The fats in these will help your body absorb the turmeric and take full advantage of its anti-aging, detoxifying and disease-fighting benefits. Finally, the outer capsule coating is also made from a seaweed derivative known as carrageenan, for optimal purity inside and out.

Where To Buy Kangen UKON

For more information on how you can purchase Kangen UKON, please call 559-396-9490.





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