Clearly Filtered Pitcher Review: The Best For Your Buck?

Ionized, reverse osmosis, and UV bacteria killer, these are some of the common terms I come across when viewing ads of water filters. Frankly, I am not interested in technical jargon and look for features such as best tasting, purest, and clean water when purchasing a water filtering machine. Apart from this I also check the volume of water the candle can purify before it needs to be replaced since this provides me with an accurate price per gallon I have to pay. I will focus on the pros and cons of a specific water purification device in this Clearly Filtered Pitcher review and whether it performs as claimed by the manufacturer.

Clearly Filtered Pitcher Review

Tap water contains chemicals such as chromium 6, mercury, fluoride, chlorine, and other minerals along with microbes and suspended particles. While the minerals are essential for the human body, consuming an excessive amount of them can cause many diseases. Before proceeding further with the Clearly Filtered Pitcher review, I would like to point out that many purifiers available in the market contain filters that can block chemicals, minerals, and suspended particles. However, they cannot remove bacteria and viruses.

Comparison Chart

Before writing this Clearly Filtered Pitcher review, I checked a comparison list provided by its manufacturer. There is no doubt that the life of its filter is much more compared to two other devices. The chart also claims that this purifier eliminates 99.99% of chlorine, 90% of fluoride, 97.50% of lead, 96% of chromium 6, and 98% of mercury. This is confusing because a Clearly Filtered Pitcher review on a major online store states that the device removes `up to 90% of fluoride.’ Although the manufacturer claims that their product’s filter removes bacteria, a major cause of illness, there was no mention about this feature in the comparison list. Apart from this, the chart also mentions that the other two purifiers `reduces’ traces of chemicals without mentioning the percentage.

Type of Filtration and Indicator

There is neither any mention about the type of filter used on the device nor any indicator to specify when it should be replaced. Based on information provided by the manufacturer, users should change the filter every six months. This is ridiculous because a family having five members will consume more water than one having two members. There are different types of filtration candles such as microfiltration (standard), untrafiltration (advanced), and nanofiltration (extreme), having pore sizes of 0.1 micron, 0.01 micron, and 0.001 micron respectively.

Unsuitable Filtration System

The clearly filtered model uses a regular filtration system that is incapable of filtering microscopic parasites such as cryptosporidium and gardia although the company claims that their filtration system removes 99.9% of such parasites. Water filters by some other companies utilize ultraviolet rays to kill those parasites. Others use the reverse osmosis method, whose filter has a pore size of 0.0001 micros and can effectively trap all microorganisms. While writing this Clearly Filtered Pitcher review, I noticed that the manufacturer does not provide information about the pH (alkaline) level of the water post purification.

Flow Rate and Poor Design

Be prepared to wait for a considerable time after pouring in the water in this water purifier, since it employs a gravity fed system. This is in stark comparison to the tankless water filtration systems that deliver pure and tasty water immediately. I expected a flawless design for a product that retails at $75. I found out the tough way that I had to be extremely careful while filling it and to wait until all the water I had poured had passed through the filter before I could use it, else, water would spill out from the lid which pops open when the gadget is tilted forward.

Abnormal Costs of Filter and Its Availability

Consider yourself unfortunate if you live in an area where water contains lots of undissolved solids since they will choke the pores of the filter, reducing its effective lifespan. Apart from this, you might find it tough to procure new filters from most online stores and will have to buy it from the manufacturer. This might cause delays for users who stay in remote areas.

Long Term Solution: Kangen Water Machines

If you are on the lookout for a water purifier that, apart from providing you with pure water, also helps to eliminate toxins from your body, look no further than Kangen water machines. Kangen is a Japanese term for iodized alkaline water… a water that removes harmful toxins from your system and also contains anti aging oxidants. Forget problems like acid reflux when you consume water from water machines manufactured by Kangen since its alkaline water prevents build up of excessive acid levels in your digestive system. Apart from this, iodized alkaline water helps deliver nutrients to your body cells more efficiently compared to tap or even bottled water. You save on money, and gain on health in the long term by opting for Kangen water machines. No prizes for guessing why the manufacturers of Clearly Filtered Pitcher provide no details about the pH levels if water provided from their water filtration unit.

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