What Is Kangen Water? Everything You Need To Know!

Those with the best physiques in America know about it. Hollywood’s most beloved stars have benefited from it, and your favorite linebacker and quarterback stay amazingly fit because of it. What is Kangen Water? If you have no idea what the new craze is about, keep reading.

Kangen Water

Kangen water is a substance constructed from the process of producing ionized alkalinity to acidic water through electrolysis via the Enagic water machine. Thought of today as being more healthy for the human body than protein shakes, the water has become a most popular staple in the homes of a host of celebrities and professional sports icons who fully support the product’s use and endorsement.

It is known for its muscle tissue strengthening properties by reducing the acidic buildup in the body which in turn prevents fatigue due to the transformed alkaline makeup of the water once the process is done.

Who would’ve thought that water could be so complicated? Doing a little research on pH balances of the digestive system will help in our understanding, but apparently Kangen water takes care of a lot of issues in one fell swoop once it comes from the tube to the tap.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the science of the water, the machinery that produces it, and the people who swear by it.

3 Main Properties of Kangen Water

1. Anti-Oxidation – You cut an apple in half to eat but leave the other half sitting out for a while. What happens to it? It begins to turn brown! Why does this happen? Because the oxygen that we breath is constantly oxidizing everything in our atmosphere. So if the oxygen we breath can turn the apple brown, imagine what the inside of your body looks like. How does Kangen water have anti-oxidants? It’s the active hydrogen in the water that’s been produced after the electrolysis process.


Kangen water can help with with anti-aging, is a anti-inflammatory, and is also packed with anti-oxidants. Measuring at a negative ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) of -400 and even as high as -800, Kangen water has the negative charged electrons to reduce oxidation in your body at a cellular level. So if you want to look like a grape and not like a raisin, this is the water you need to be drinking!


2. Micro-Clustering – Have you ever gotten that bloated feeling after drinking a lot of water? Or maybe you’re big into fitness and have felt that wishy-washy feeling of the water moving around when you’re moving? If you have, that’s because a regular H20 cluster has 15-26 molecules per cluster. Larger clusters limit absorption by the body. Kangen water on the other hand contains only 5-6 molecules per H20 cluster. This smaller water will quite literally penetrate your body at a cellular level. Which means optimal hydration without the bloating.


3. Alkalinity (pH) –  The reason why the pH is so important is because alkalinity is the epitome of health. We were born from an alkaline environment when we were growing in the amniotic sac of our mothers womb. When we are born, our skin is soft and smells amazing. However, as time passes by, we begin to consume foods that cause more acidity which then causes the breakdown of the human body. When your body is more acidic (negatively altered pH), this can cause many health related illnesses. Kangen water is alkalized and can be consumed at a pH of 8.5, 9.0, and 9.5 (purple) – thus neutralizing the acidity in your body.


Official Enagic PDF Document With More Information

Kangen Water Demo and Information

Utilization of Nutrients

The reason Kangen water is so important to our overall health is because it increases the breakdown and usage of the healthy protein, carbs, grains, and vegetables we eat. But eating healthy does not always guarantee that all consumed nutrients will be converted to the fuel our bodies need to function properly.

When this happens, pH balances change, and if not rectified, things can go downhill from there. So the water is used to help prevent acidic imbalances in the digestive system via alkalinity which keeps at bay lactic acid. Lactic acid is the main culprit that causes muscle weakness/soreness (after workouts) — especially when consumed nutrients is not properly broken down.

The result of acidic buildup in the body can cause weight gain, bone density loss (which can lead to osteoporosis), and several other health problems brought on by an unbalanced body pH.

Who Can Benefit from This Product?

all-walks-of-lifeAlthough anyone who owns an Enagic machine can benefit from Kangen water which transforms into a liquid almost as precious as the waters of Lourdes, people who play sports of any type may feel that Kangen is absolutely necessary, especially if it has already been tried and confirmed as true.

But for athletes, walkers, runners, joggers, or anyone who values the importance of accomplishing their fitness goals and performance in a healthy and natural manner, this product can prove vitally important when strenuous physical activity is regularly practiced.

For professional athletes, the issue that comes into play is of course, performance. These people live and breathe a lifestyle of strict diet and exercise for the sole purpose of quality performance, but as we all know, constantly working out to then engage in sports as a line of work eventually brings on the wear and tear that most of us don’t experience until we get older. So for athletes and regular folks alike, the benefits seem unanimous.

Who Is Talking about Kangen Water?

Did somebody say, “What is Kangen water?”, I do believe so! It’s all over the internet, so there is no reason to not know about it. In fact, learning about the health properties of Kangen Water can be accomplished easily as a host of individuals in the professional sports world have been singing this product’s praises for about the past 2 years.

shan-stratton-kangen-waterAvid promoter and Seattle Seahawks player Michael Robinson is a faithful Kangen water drinker who in an interview with Shan Stratton — a pro athlete nutritionist — gives an in depth discussion on the importance of health properties the water produces by  preventing build-ups of lactic (post-workout muscle weakness) and uric acids (gout, high blood pressure, joint pain) in the body which lead to a variety of health problems.

“I always tell people that nutrient utilization is more important than nutrient consumption…” the nutritionist explains. Pertaining to nutrient consumption combined with Kangen water consumption, he states, “…then you get more usage from that and you’re able to be much more efficient in what you’re trying to do.”

Stratton elaborates further with Robinson on his nutrient utilization theory and the importance of Kangen water’s alkalinity induced enzyme producing benefits to muscle tissue and subsequent enhanced human performance. The video shows Stratton reviewing and demonstrating the technology involved in how the Enagic machine “recreates” water from the tap into an alkaline based substance.

Other well known supporters from the world of pro sports are Magic Johnson who is said to own 8 machines, golfer Phil Mickelson, fitness guru Jillian Michaels, Miami Dolphins’ Karlos Dansby, martial artist and fitness expert Chuck Norris, and many more.

All that’s left to do now is to get an Enagic machine of your own. Happy drinking!

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